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  • Date 14 September 2015
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Caroline Curran Design

Caroline Curran Design is located at a central studio at No 4 Chapel Row, Queen Square, Bath. The graphic design studio is a stones throw away from the newly refurbished (if you can do that to an outside space) Queen Square – home of the Bath Boules competition, many a Jane Austen enthusiast and several great coffee shops like Boston Tea Party and Colonna and Smalls.


I have 20+ years of helping both commercial and non-profit organisations convey their key messages, brand values and information graphically across a range of materials and media, often with very tight timescales and always to a budget.

My Bath based design business specialises in information design and in particular educational work. Based on over a decade of work with King Edward’s, Kingswood and other local schools I have seen how valuable it can be to have a standing relationship with a designer: the school year is filled with demands to present information of all kinds, to many different audiences, in an engaging yet effective way!

As a freelancer I am also helping local publishers with magazines, newsletters, directories, catalogues, annual reports and infographics. Dropping in and helping at busy times working to existing style and adding creativity when required.

I’m always keen to find out more about clients communications and marketing plans, with a view to exploring what support you need and will give a personal and dedicated approach to any level of project as I take particular pride in building a long term relationships with my clients.

Contact me on 07973 326615 or via my form to arrange an introductory meeting if you would like to know more about my graphic design services.

– Caroline